On the National Stock Exchange, it dived 15

New Delhi: Ipca Laboratories shares tanked over 15 per cent on Friday as almost all drugs manufactured by the company at its facilities at Pithampur, Silvassa and Ratlam have been banned from the US market by the country’s health regulator. The stock, after making a weak opening, plummeted 14.83 per cent to Rs 437 on the Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE. On the National Stock Exchange, it dived 15.34 per cent to Rs 436.10.

I argue that the Seven years War was much more global than the Great Northern War because the Great Northern War, while massive, was mostly contained to Scandinavia, the Baltic, and Eastern Europe. In contrast, the Seven Years War was fought across Europe, in North America, on the Indian subcontinent, in South America, and in West Africa. Fighting was truly global, even if the major belligerents were all European.

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