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Simply put….we LOVE dogs!!! All types of dogs….from small to large and everything in-between!

When your beloved pooch stays with us they will be smothered with love by a family of 5 – two that are furry  – Bernie the mellow lab & Hogan the fun-loving golden.  They will welcome your dog with open paws – they love to have other furry friends to run around the house and back yard with!

Our admiration for dogs goes beyond just hugs and kisses.  We adore dogs no matter where they come from, however we are  huge advocates for dogs deserving a “second leash on life” so the dogs we own are always rescues.

And as a family we give back to the canine community every year by donating and participating in events to help benefit rescues and shelters.

In other words….we perform a “mitzvah” for the dogs!!! WOOF!